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National Medical Transport Specializes In The Transport Of Clients Long Distance In The United States


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Elderly Transport

National Medical Transport is here to serve you and your family's non- emergency medical transport needs. We are a trustworthy, A+ Better Business Bureau Accredited Business for medically assisted private transportation, disabled travel, handicap travel and elderly travel patients that require medical ground transportation to a destination of their choice.

We are a non-emergency long distance (500 miles or more) medical transport service and we offer interstate travel within the contiguous United States.




The Difference:

  Comfortable electric hospital bed with Memory Foam mattress  
  Nurse for 24/7 care during entire transportation  
  Physician available 24/7 for any questions/problems during transportation  
  Private area for patient  
  Nurse & Physician available for your pre and post transport needs  

Bathroom & Kitchen facilities on board

  Non-stop travel to destination - Drivers have dedicated bed when not driving to keep them restful and awake and alert when driving  
  Not a stretcher van, which does not have the above amenities  
  Owned and operated by a Nurse and Physician dedicated to providing quality care for your loved one  

















This is the luxury Motorcoach

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Elderly Transport

Disabled travel, handicap travel, and elderly travel no longer have to be stressful and involve tedious searches for non-emergency medical transport. Medical ground transportation is the easiest method of patient transport when you require medical care involving elderly travel, handicap travel, or disabled travel. National Medical Transport Inc. gives you the comfort of home while on the road.

Our mission at National Medical Transport is to provide all of your medical transport needs with the luxury, care and comfort of a medical coach. Our medical coach was designed around the needs of our client and their family. No longer stress about transferring a loved one out of state or to another home or care facility; National Medical Transport Inc. is here to serve you and your family with long distance medical transport and interstate travel.


Elderly AssistanceOur medical coaches are designed with equipment to provide your loved onewith the medical care they deserve. Our professional and caring team can provide the care your loved one deserves. Some of the equipment and medical services we offer are: a pulse oximeter, suction unit, incontinent care, pressure areas are prevented, dressing changes, colostomy and illeostomy care, medication administration and more depending on your loved one’s needs.

National Medical Transport wants to make sure you arrive promptly and safely at your destination; we provide amenities that make your travel more cozy, relaxing and restful. The amenities that provide that extra touch of comfort during long distance interstate travel include:


  • Full kitchen with refrigeration for desired foods & snacks with freezer and microwave.

  • Comfortable lounging area for family member with seperate TV

  • Nurse and 2 drivers to provide 24/7 care and travel

  • Seperate TV/music for patient

  • Multi-position electric hospital bed for patient comfort

  • In-motion satellite TV and/or DVD/VCR

  • Pet allowed

  • Complete lavatory provisions

  • Comfortable sleeping area for family member

  • Wheelchair/stretcher lifts for easy boarding during patient transport

  • Private phone available for client/family use during patient transport

  • The larger medical coach has tandem axels and airbag suspension for a smoother, more comfortable patient transport

  • The patient only transport vehicle is equiped with airbag suspension for a smoother, more comfortable patient transport

  • Every medical transport vehicle is completely sanitized pre and post trip

  • Better Business Bureau Accredited



Elderly CoupleThese medical coach amenities provide our clients with medical ground transportation that is moreenjoyable for both our client and a family member during patient transport. Since our medical coach is properly equipped during patient transport, long distance medical transport becomes less wearisome resulting in less apprehension and anxiety of the anticipated destination.

Our medical coach is designed to accommodate necessities for elderly travel, handicap travel, and disabled travel. If your loved one has encountered an accident or needs non emergency medical travel or interstate travel with medical assistance we are here to provide safe and comfortable medical ground transportation. Our professional team will assist your loved one with the nurturing medical care they deserve.



With the assistance of our professional team, your long distance medical transport journey will assuredlybe as satisfying as possible with costs kept at a practical minimum compared to other forms of interstate travel.




We Eliminate The Worries of Long Distance Travel By Providing Superior Care For All Our Clients: 1-877-668-7799








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